Driving Lessons Sittingbourne

Driving Lessons Sittingbourne

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  Driving lessons are your way to achieve your dream of independence and freedom from relying on friends, family or public transport to get you around. For this reason it is hugely important that your driving lessons have a defined goal and that you understand what you are trying to achieve on each and every driving lesson. Each driving lesson should start with a recap and end with a de brief in which your driving instructor should complete a driver achievement record with you. Unfortunately too many driving instructors fail to follow these basic steps leaving you to drive around aimlessly without a target to achieve. Here at Redy2Drive driving school we will ensure all the above steps are carried out each and every lesson to ensure that you learn faster and ultimately cheaper with us. To see how our now qualified drivers got on why not take a look at our main website

8 Steps To A Successful 1st Time Test Pass

  1. If you are really ready to get yourself driving then you need to ensure you give your full commitment to the process. When booking your driving lessons you need to ensure you are going to be available and ready. Try to book a lesson every week and where possible for 2 hours. With two hour driving lessons you will have much more time to be able to practice each topic thoroughly and therefore you will learn quicker and ultimately pass your driving test spending less money than if you had taken 1 hour driving lessons.
Be prepared for your driving lessons
 2. Be ready for your driving lesson, ensure you have the right frame of mind to take on board all that you will be learning. Remember it's your driving lesson and you need to make the most of it. It's your money on the line.
Always recap your previous lessons
3. To get the best from your driving lessons your driving instructor should start with a recap of the previous driving lesson, this should be a two way conversation and not just your driving instructor telling you what happened. Through structured questions and answering you and your driving instructor can confirm your understanding of the subject covered. This will then lead the next subject to help provide the links in the structure of the driving skills required.
Have a clear objective
4. Now after the recap comes the most important bit of your driving lesson, even before you start moving the car.  You need to have a goal. What is it that you are trying to achieve on todays driving lesson?  If you don't have a goal then its likely you will be driving around aimlessly not really learning anything  meaning the learning process takes longer and will cost your more money. Driving instructors with Redy2Drive will ensure that you will have a goal, a target that is challenging but achievable and links in with your previous learnings. If you are currently with another driving school but not really learning as quickly as you would like, then maybe now is the time for a change?
Fully structured driving lessons
5. Each driving lesson you take should have a structure, we have mentioned the recap and the target setting, now throughout the lesson your driving instructor should be checking your learning through questioning your understanding of areas that you cover. So from the beginning your driving lessons should start with easier topics like getting the car on the move and as your skills, understanding and confidence grow your driving instructor will move you onto more challenging subjects so you start to become the independent driver you wish to be. With thought provoking questioning throughout the lessons you and your driving instructor will ensure that all areas of learning are covered with no areas being missed.
Summary of your driving lessons
6. At the end of your driving lessons your driving instructor will take a few minute to summarise your driving lesson with your input on what you believe went well or needs improvement. From this your driver progress record will be completed and the next lesson topics can be discussed.
Self evaluation
7. Time to be honest with yourself. As your confidence in driving grows your wish to pass the driving test becomes increasingly more important. Your driving instructor will help you asses when you are ready, however you really need to be honest with your ability. Are you still making mistakes with your driving ? Do you know you have made the mistakes and how to correct them or are you unsure of to correct them ? Now is the time to ensure your driving instructor is aware of any concerns or issues you may have. They probably are already aware of most areas that require further work but working together will help you get those inconsistencies and get you passing that driving test quicker and 1st time.
Listen to your driving instructors advice
8. Finally you have listened to your driving instructor so far and trusted there training, so is the time to ensure you take their professional guidance in terms of booking the driving test. Your driving instructor is highly qualified and will have guided potentially 100's of successful candidates through to the driving test . Listen to their advice and act on it accordingly.   If your current driving school or driving instructor isn't offering the above, then are you really getting the best?

To think that all driving instructors or driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.

30% of learner drivers feel the need to change their driving instructors before going for driving test.


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