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Driving Lessons Chatham

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Congratulations to Ani Dahlia of Chatham Kent on passing her driving test on the 31st March 2016 Ani, originally from Bulgaria came to Redy2Drive as a very nervous and unsure customer who wanted to be able to drive however lacked confidence yet had taken a huge step in making the commitment to learn. Ani always believed that her biggest issue was the language barrier however through her commitment this was not the  case. We spent time each lesson going through theory questions where translation and understanding of words was required.  Eventually Ani was persuaded to book the theory test and she passed 1st time. Next up the driving test. Ani throughout her driving lessons showed consitent progress and we soon had Ani book her driving test, although still convinced  that she would need to take it 2 or 3 times. However i was confident Ani would achieve her dream and on 31st March Ani didi just that with a fantastic personal achievement of passing her driving  test on the very 1st attempt.   Who Will You Trust When Learning To Drive? If you want your freedom and independence try your local independent driving school covering your towns in Medway and Sittingbourne. For more information take a look at our website www.redy2drive.co.uk/driving-lessons-chatham or give us a call on 01634 926025   .

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